Saturday, April 24, 2010

Japanese Bunny Cakes

Mitsuwa is a huge Japanese supermarket in Edgewater NJ, near where we live. I've only been there a few time because it's significantly more expensive than a regular or Chinese supermarket, but sometimes I like to splurge. The highlight of my visit is always their bakery counter. You can see what caught my eye today: A $20 box of bunny cakes. I couldn't justify buying them, so I snapped a photo with my camera phone instead. I was wary of taking photos inside a store, since lots of places yell at you for that, but apparently more people take photos of the cakes there than buy them.


  1. We have a Mitsuwa in Los Angeles as well! Love the bunny cakes! Are they like manju? Filled with red beans?

  2. I actually don't think this one had red bean. They always seem to show you the cake broken in half if there's a filling. I should have asked to try one and see for myself :D