Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beginner Book Binding

Every time I've started a new craft I've spent a lot of money buying new supplies. So it was a nice change to use recycled items and on-hand components  for this project.

The covers are cardboard from a tissue box, covered with some decorative handmade paper I had bought a long time ago. I used thick brown wrapping paper for the pages.

I used this video tutorial by TimewithTasha as a base,

I altered my measurements from the video for both projects. On the dark blue book I split the pages into groups so I could create the 4 separate bindings visible on the spine. I also cut a slit in the covers and added the ribbon. Dimensions are 3.25" wide x 3.75" tall

I recommend the book Rebound for ideas on using recycled items to make your books, or for ideas on book structure.

This light blue book was my first attempt. Dimensions are 5" wide x 4.5" tall. The cardboard for the covers are cut from cracker boxes and the inner lining is from a book I was about to throw out.

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