Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coin Purse

I haven't used a coin purse since I was a little kid. But I couldn't resist trying to make one, especially because I found this gumball-like purse clasp from SugarCarousel on Etsy. I originally tried a more complicated, pleated purse, that was puffier, but it was a bit too complicated for my beginner skills and I sadly failed all 3 attempts. Lining's are always the trickiest part for me, because I always end up sewing it wrong or getting confused as to which side should be facing out at certain points in the process. In the end, I pretty much followed these instructions from U-Handbag, with the only difference being my clasp was of the "sew-on" type, not just glue but it still worked. Fabric is from from Joann's. 

I also discovered this awesome website for DIY bags during my search.


  1. Ultra cute. Love the clasp. I always use a coin purse. It's were I hide my op shop change.

  2. I love to collect coin purse but making one didn’t ever cross my mind. Making one yourself sounds cool and challenging though! I’ll think about it and see if I can manage to create a coin purse. By the way, that coin purse is cute. I’d be more than happy to fill it with coins and carry it wherever I go.

    -Harriett Faulks

    1. Thanks Harriett! It was frustrating to make but I loved the result and it's held together so far. I definitely want to make more. You should definitely give it a shot!