Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sugar Flower Workshop

Bought a Groupon for Sugar Flower Cake Shop's flower making class. It's located on 37th between 8th and 9th ave on the 9th floor in a nice brightly lit space. They have a variety of classes ranging from Parrot tulips, poppies and basket cakes, but I picked the Sugar Rose class. The classes sell out pretty quick and judging from my class size today can get pretty big, so sign up early if you're interested.

The flowers are made from gum paste. Apparently the actual process takes about a week, because after each layer of petals is added it needs to dry for at least a day. The goal was to make 3 full blooms and 3 buds, so after Step 1 and 3 they swapped our version out with pre-dried centers we could work with.

You start with a teardrop bud shape in the center, stuck onto a piece of hooked wire. Step1, you flatten the petal cut-outs by pinching so they are almost 3x their original size. You add the two petals horizontally onto the bud, in an interlocking C shape. Step 3 you add three, overlapping petals, making sure each new layer is slightly higher than the rest. Here's what they look like at this point:

The last 2 layers, you use a 5-petal shape, snip between the petals and press to widen the petals so they can overlap. Poke through the center and slide up to bottom of bud. Hanging it upside down while you work might be easier at this point.

And lastly we were given the option to paint them with luster dust, blue or pink. 

Not sure I'd have the patience to wait a week to make one on my own, but I definitely want to try the same technique with polymer clay.

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