Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Tinkerbot Etsy Store

I am now selling 3D DIY papercraft goods (paper models) at my store TiNKERBOT so take a look! Products are sold as printable PDFs.

I've finally found a way to mesh my work skills with my craft skills. After years of creating intangible digital 3D objects, it's really neat to be able to hold your creation. There are 3D printers out there, but this is much simpler and less expensive.

I'm glad I started out with something fairly simple in shape, because it took much longer than I expected to design. As you can see from my 1st prototype (below), I had modeled it with 8 sides. I prefer the final shape better, but it's a lot less user-friendly to build. I simplified it to 6-sides and made the top part removable so it can be used as a box.

Cupcake is available HERE

I'm not the greatest at clean assembling, but I'll be getting a lot of practice testing out my products, so hopefully that will change.

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