Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Julia Child's "My Life in France"

Finished reading Julia Child's "My Life in France."
I loved the first two-thirds of the book, where she's exploring French culture and discovering her love of food and eventually of cooking. The book has such a light-hearted feel to it that I found myself in a good mood every time I picked it up to read. Her descriptions of people, places and food draw you right in there with her. I can't believe the amount of rich food they ate and while they sound delicious I think I'd have a serious stomach ache if I ate even half of what she describes.

The last third of the book deals with the struggle of writing her cookbook and getting it published. It got a little tedious but it was still interesting to read about. I always assumed all cookbooks follow the rigorous testing that Julia Child put her recipes through, but apparently that's not the case, so it makes me appreciate her work even more.

If you saw the movie Julie Julia it barely scratched the surface of what's in this book, so forget what you saw and read the book!

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