Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You'll never go to a sushi restaraunt again...

OK first stop. Sunrise Mart.

Always good to have a rice cooker around, always keeps rice warm and takes up almost no electricity. It's great for "lazy food"... just put anything on top of rice and eat!

But It's sushi roll time! Here's the spread from left to right
soy sauce
rice vinegar
sticky rice
nori (seaweed)
sesame oil
sesame seed

optional: fish sauce (for marinating whatever you put in there

bamboo rolly guy
optional: chopsticks
required: clean hands and surface

1: So cut each sheet of seaweed in half (the long way) with clean scissors.
2: put nori on bamboo roller (no need to wet it)
3: Grab a golfball sized amount of sticky rice and spread it out, closer to towards you.
4: put whatever madness you want in there
5: best technique is to roll it like a square, also thumbs in center, other fingers closer to edges..
6: slice with sharp knife
7: host a sushi party!!!!!! Once you have all the ingredients (about 15.00), they last forever! Can you get a plate like this for 5.00 anywhere but home?
8: (tip): for the rolls with rice on the outside, cover the bamboo rolly with clingwrap, and sprinkle sesame seeds or whatever on outside


  1. oh right i forgot to mention, mix the rice vinegar with sticky rice (pre-roll) with ratio of about 1:14)

  2. AWESOME post. I've never actually known anyone who makes their own sushi. I'm such a glutton for the actual fish I'd probably eat all the sashimi before it makes it into the roll

  3. Etsu also suggest using this powdered sushi flavoring for the rice:
    She thinks you can find it at Sunrise Mart or any of the other Japanese supermarkets around

  4. I asked Yukio about the powder, he can't stand MSG... ---- and agreed. The fresh fish is the best part! (Rice fills my belly pretty quick)

    next post: pickled Kyuri, Carrots and Aspergrass!

    well i dont even need to post, so easy: just throw those guys into white vinegar & add nori and spicy powder for 24 hours... that's all it takes for cheap crunchy pickles that last forever;) Grocery store pickles seem expensive and soggy to me now