Tuesday, February 9, 2010

KIWI sorbet

This recipe requires no ice-cream maker!, just a blender;)

OK so you're gonna need
1 cup sugar
10 kiwis
2 lemons
optional: corn syrup

Dissolve sugar in cup of water in saucepan

Zest lemon, (about 1 tsp worth), then roll lemon and squeeze that juice in there (the blender)... add your roughly chopped kiwi (or any other fruit for that matter) to the blender. pour your syrup guy in the blender and whirl!!!!

OK then put in freezer (in a metal bowl or something) for an hour. It's gonna turn rock hard, so you you gotta put it back into the blender (to get more air in there) and let chill again for another 2 hours b4 serving.

secret: adding a small amount of fine vodka will keep it scoopable for months, some people add corn syrup to prevent rock hard frozen sorbet, but hey, good vodka doesnt freeze and you wont get drunk, heh it's just a good anti-freezing agent. Probably healthier than corn syrup, no?


  1. Man I need to try this. Funny, I thought it'd be greener being kiwi and all. I might try it in my ice cream maker though. I'll let ya know how that goes...

  2. Haha! I didn't even have to look at who posted it to know. As I lately seem to be able to eat my weight in fruit, I will be making this post haste.

  3. this was first attempt, i think using an ice-cream maker would work better, but hey it was a kiwi EMERGENCY!!! I called 911 and the blender appeared;) I think I added alittle too much water in this batch...

    I think my next attempt will include less water, less sugar, some white wine, no vodka or corn syrup, I'll see what happens...