Friday, February 12, 2010


I love mini things. Particularly food. Thankfully I am able to restrain myself and have only bought these: (mini bubble tea w/egg custard and fruit desserts. Donuts w/coffee and tiny sugar packets!! And tiny sushi, complete with tiny miso and spoon).

Those are all machine made. The REAL artists are these polymer clay crafters on Etsy. Their attention to detail is phenomenal. They manage to get just the right amount of shine, sponginess, and translucence to their creations. For xmas I asked for a book on creating polymer clay food, but it's almost too daunting to start. So enjoy some work by the professionals AiClay and Petitplat


  1. If you like mini things, i bet you'd like my lunchbox containers! I use them for homemade peanut sauce, spiced mayo, and rice crackers!

  2. I do! They remind me of the ones I used to have as a kid that I got from Singapore. They used to have extra nooks with folding forks or chopsticks and had lots of fake english sayings on them like "Lovely rain is food can be happy!" (I made that one up, but you get the gist).